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Responsive Web Design

Until recently websites have been designed and developed for viewing on desktop computers.  These websites, when viewed on smaller devices require visitors to perform unnecessary zooming and scrolling, making it difficult to navigate.  Most business owners have been forced to have a second website designed to reach the millions of mobile users that continue to grow with the popularity of smartphones and tablets. With the variety of mobile device options it would be impossible to guarantee functionality of a mobile website without building a separate website for each device. Responsive web design solves this problem by allowing designers to create websites that automatically adjust to any screen size and resolution.

To see responsive web design in action, slowly resize this browser window and take notice to how the content on this page adjusts as the window narrows.


Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Usability: Guarantees the accessibility, navigability, and usability of your website regardless of the device it is accessed from.

Budget: A responsive website eliminates the need to commission a second website for mobile devices that will require additional hosting and maintenance, separate from your main site.

Longevity: Responsive websites retain their functionality without having to worry about being compatible with new technology.Inter


Computer Geeks can take your existing content and refresh your brand’s image with a clean and beautiful responsive design that will be viewable across multiple devices.  Take a moment to view some of our latest work in our portfolio and Feel free to contact us for a quote.